CEC conducts accurate field investigations and geotechnical analyses and design for residential, commercial, land, and industrial developments. Considering local council requirements, we interpret the physical properties of the ground using advanced equipment and apply data-truths when designing infrastructure, identifying the finest planning, design, construction and maintenance solutions.


  • Geotechnical Desktop Study to Lodge DA
  • Geotechnical Investigation from Lot Classification to Multilevel Basement Projects  
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Subdivision and Pavement  
  • Geotechnical Inspection and Assessment During Construction such as; Trench Stability Inspections, Bearing Capacity Assessments, Foundation Inspections, Pile / Crane Assessment, Pile Integrity Testing, Pile / Pier Inspections, Plate Load Testing, Earthworks Inspection For New Subdivision
  • Hydrogeological Assessment and Investigation  
  • Soil Permeability/Infiltration Testing
  • Dewatering and Monitoring and Management Plan and Monitoring of Groundwater During the
    Construction for Basement Excavation  
  • Ground Movement and Vibration Monitoring Plan and Implementation and Vibration Monitoring  
  • Slope Risk Assessment  
  • Acid Sulphate Soil Assessment Investigation and Management Plan
  • Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) Phase 1 Enviro to Lodge DA 
  • Waste Classification Report for Excavated Material Disposal