CEC is a leading provider in engineering consultancy and thrive on solutions that are a level above the rest. Working across multiple industries and markets, our goal is to ensure that visions are realised through a client-focused approach, with every stakeholder in mind.

Shaping smart cities
starts right here, with CEC.

CEC was established in 2007 with a strong focus on providing engineering consultancy services that specialise in the design, development, project management, procurement and construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our industry-leading engineering services go beyond the obvious and aim to deliver cost-efficient estimations and deliver project objectives that align with our client’s vision.

Our team is experienced in a broad range of industries, enabling us to specialise in various fields of engineering design.

We involve ourselves in every aspect of the engineering process, including local council requirements, making the acquisition of DA, CC and OC approval easy. By doing so, CEC can eliminate unnecessary costs and delays and not only meet but exceed your objectives.

Multi-disciplinary approach

We focus on our work and employees’ cross-functional capabilities, which work interdependently to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions for all parties involved.

A proud history

With decades of combined experience, our rapid growth is testimony to the quality service we provide, and we are determined to continue providing this calibre of work indefinitely.

Highly experienced team

Motivated and enthusiastic, our team of engineering consultants have extensive experience, involved in all aspects of the project, including DA, CC and OC approval.

Pride in the way we do business

Your success is our success